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Physicians & Healthcare Practitioners

Physicians & Healthcare Practitioners

We are inviting physicians and healthcare practitioners to partner with us at Your Pharmacy Advocate. Together, let us take better care of your patients.

As a doctor or health practitioner, your primary concern is the health and well-being of your patients. You write medical prescriptions daily. However, you have limited resources and time to follow up with patients to ensure improvement because of the medication therapy offered.

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  • Our goal is to help you, the healthcare practitioner, monitor and manage patient medication regimens to assist in the mitigation of risks while empowering your patients toward better health. Not only will your patients rest easier, but you will too, if you know they are in trusted hands.
  • Are you concerned about the potential risks for prescription drug interactions in patients with chronic health conditions?
  • Have you ever thought about how a pharmacist’s services may support you in reaching your practice’s quality improvement goals for patient management?
  • Are you concerned about possible outcomes if a patient or caregiver is not warned about the use of certain medications? Or does not understand how to properly use their medications?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, allow us to address and help alleviate your concerns.

Join the Pharmacy Support System.

As a medical professional, you know the following:

Several kinds of adverse medication reactions can occur when patients consume more than one prescribed drug. If you have patients over the age of 55, chances are they are taking more than one medication. If you have patients over the age of 65, chances are they are taking more than two medications.

When you join the Pharmacy Support System you no longer worry about:

  • The dangers and risks of your patients experiencing adverse drug interactions that may result in complex issues for your practice
  • The need for medication reconciliation
  • Incomplete medication profiles
  • Additional medication consumption by patients that you may not be aware of