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Senior nursing homeAs a corporate or community entity, the success of your organization depends largely upon the wellness of your staff and team. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sick leave benefits are slightly more generous depending on length of service and in larger companies. The statistics in a 2017 study by Statista; The Statistics Portal, found that 14 percent of respondents aged 18 to 30 years did not take any sick leave days, compared to 41 percent of those aged 46 to 60 years.

If your staff is comprised of a wide range of adults age 18+, it stands to reason that making an investment in their health education and awareness, may prove beneficial for the bottom line of your company and/or organization.

commercial buildingAt Your Pharmacy Advocate, we’re happy to serve as the bridge between your staff and the medical community. Doctors and medical professionals work hard to provide the best patient care possible. However, there may be times when their limited resources affect their patients and your employees adversely.

At Your Pharmacy Advocate, we look for opportunities to partner with organizations, corporations and community entities to explore ways we can improve human health in the workplace and community. Our aim is to work together with partners to help people understand their prescription medication usage, avoid health crisis and lead healthier lifestyles full of vitality.

We specifically provide consultation services including in person or virtual wellness sessions. Our sessions may be customized for your specific needs or you may consider our C.OR.E. wellness plan designed for partners like you.

Commercial center buildingOur C.O.R.E. partner wellness plan focuses on 4 pillars of health awareness and prevention.

  • C – Critical Needs Assessment (we determine your most urgent needs)
  • O – Overview of Healthcare Management (we analyze prescription drug usage.)
  • R – Recommendations for improvement (we make recommendations based on our findings)
  • E – Execution management (we give you a plan to execute for better health outcomes.)

Our C.O.R.E. wellness plan consists of the following elements:

  • individual or group prescription drug health assessment
  • prescription drug analysis
  • healthcare recommendations
  • monthly health educational tele-seminars
  • quarterly health educational workshops

If you represent one of the following companies, please contact us to further explore ways we can work together.

  • Corporate Employee Health teams
  • Senior Living Facilities (transition of care, assisted living centers, nursing homes, etc.)
  • Non-profit organizations assisting people with health awareness and illness prevention