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About Us

About Us

Why You Need Us…

According to the National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health, “Systematic reviews estimate that 3–4% of all unplanned hospital admissions are due to preventable drug-related morbidity, the majority of which have been attributed to shortcomings in the prescribing and monitoring stages of the medication use process.”

If you or your loved one is currently using medications and concerned with the high-risk factors of their usage, we are here to ease your mind. We will offer you personalized care and consultation regarding your medication regimen. Substantial risk prescriptions or “high-risk” medical prescriptions are given by professionals when there is significant risk or harm in which the patient should avoid such medication or treatment. In cases where the patient is not recommended to avoid the medication, it is advised that he/she is closely monitored.

Do the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • You have questions about your medication.
  • You have adverse reactions to your medicines and want assistance.
  • You don’t know what supplements, OTC medicines, or foods interact with your medications.
  • You like the thought of having a dedicated pharmacist to answer your questions and review your medications.

We’re Here for You…

Your Pharmacy Advocate, LLC fulfills the needs of pharmacist support services to physicians and healthcare practitioners. We also provide pharmacy consulting services to patients across the United States.

Your Pharmacy Advocate was launched in 2017 with the purpose of filling a void of direct, dedicated pharmacist support to practitioners and patients. We can help:

  • healthcare professionals who need to more closely monitor patient medication regimens.
  • pharmacists looking for flexible career paths.
  • patients wanting to achieve peace of mind about medication management.

Why Choose Us?

Experience and accountability you can depend on.

With a combined 50 years in pharmacy education and experience, our core staff has the expertise to handle the most complex of issues, from managing regimens for chronic illness to medication reconciliation and more. We offer superior consulting services that will empower patients to grasp complex medical terminology and information in bite-sized pieces. This knowledge will surely assist you in improving your overall health and give you a richer, fuller life.